Kagame Cup Championships

The CECAFA Club Cup is a football club tournament organised by CECAFA. It has been known as the Kagame Interclub Cup since 2002, when Rwanda President Paul Kagame  began sponsoring the competition. It is contested by clubs from East and Central Africa.


List of CECAFA Club Cup and Kagame Interclub Cup winners
Year[1] Country Winners Score Runners-up Country Hosts
1967  Kenya Abaluhya 5–0dagger[A] Sunderland  Tanzania
1974  Tanzania Simba Abaluhya  Kenya  Tanzania
1975  Tanzania Young Africans 2–0 Simba  Tanzania  Zanzibar
1976  Kenya Luo Union 2–1 Young Africans  Tanzania  Uganda
1977  Kenya Luo Union 2–1 Horsed  Somalia  Tanzania
1978  Uganda Kampala City Council 0–0*[C] Simba  Tanzania  Uganda
1979  Kenya Abaluhya 1–0 Kampala City Council  Uganda  Somalia
1980  Kenya Gor Mahia 3–2 Abaluhya  Kenya  Malawi
1981  Kenya Gor Mahia 1–0 Simba  Tanzania  Kenya
1982  Kenya A.F.C. Leopards 1–0 Rio Tinto  Zimbabwe  Kenya
1983  Kenya A.F.C. Leopards 2–1 ADMARC Tigers  Malawi  Zanzibar
1984  Kenya A.F.C. Leopards 2–1 Gor Mahia  Kenya  Kenya
1985  Kenya Gor Mahia 2–0 A.F.C. Leopards  Kenya  Sudan
1986  Sudan Al-Merrikh 2–2*[D] Young Africans  Tanzania  Tanzania
1987  Uganda Villa 1–0 Al-Merrikh  Sudan  Uganda
1988  Kenya Kenya Breweries 2–0 Al-Merrikh  Sudan  Sudan
1989  Kenya Kenya Breweries 3–0 Coastal Union  Tanzania  Kenya
Not helddagger[E]
1991  Tanzania Simba 3–0 Villa  Uganda  Tanzania
1992  Tanzania Simba 1–1*[F] Young Africans  Tanzania  Zanzibar
1993  Tanzania Young Africans 2–1 Villa  Uganda  Uganda
1994  Sudan Al-Merrikh 2–1 Express  Uganda  Sudan
1995  Tanzania Simba 1–1*[G] Express  Uganda  Tanzania
1996  Tanzania Simba 1–0 Armée Patriotique Rwandaise  Rwanda  Tanzania
1997  Kenya A.F.C. Leopards 1–0 Kenya Breweries  Kenya  Kenya
1998  Rwanda Rayon Sports 2–1 Mlandege  Zanzibar  Zanzibar
1999  Tanzania Young Africans 1–1*[H] Villa  Uganda  Uganda
2000  Kenya Tusker 3–1 Armée Patriotique Rwandaise  Rwanda  Rwanda
2001  Kenya Tusker 0–0*[I] Oserian  Kenya  Kenya
2002  Tanzania Simba 1–0 Prince Louis  Burundi  Zanzibar
2003  Uganda Villa 1–0 Simba  Tanzania  Uganda
2004  Rwanda Armée Patriotique Rwandaise 3–1 Ulinzi Stars  Kenya  Rwanda
2005  Uganda Villa 3–0 Armée Patriotique Rwandaise  Rwanda  Tanzania
2006  Uganda Police 2–1 Moro United  Tanzania  Tanzania
2007  Rwanda Armée Patriotique Rwandaise 2–1 Uganda Revenue Authority  Uganda  Rwanda
2008  Kenya Tusker 2–1 Uganda Revenue Authority  Uganda  Tanzania
2009  Sudan ATRACO 1–0 Al-Merrikh  Sudan  Sudan
 Rwanda  APR                                         2-0 St. George FC                        ethiopiaEthiopia     Rwanda
2011  Tanzania Young Africans 1–0 Simba  Tanzania  Tanzania
2012  Tanzania Young Africans 2–0 Azam  Tanzania  Tanzania
2013  Burundi Vital’O 2–0 A.P.R.  Rwanda  Sudan

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