Cecafa Senior Challenge Cup

The annual CECAFA Senior Challenge Cup is considered the oldest football tournament in Africa.

The tournament is collaborative between the larger Eastern African countries and part of Central Africa and run by the Council of East and Central Africa Football Associations (CECAFA). CECAFA is made up of 11 members ten of whom are federations recognized by FIFA; Uganda, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Djibouti, Burundi, Somalia, Rwanda, Sudan, Tanzania and Kenya while the 11th – Zanzibar is still chasing Association status with the World governing body.

The tournament began way back in 1926 under the name Gossage Cup which then was mainly a Kenya-Uganda affair. But it grew to include Tanganyika, the present day Tanzania from 1945 and later it became a four nation event when Zanzibar joined in 1949. Gossage Cup, sponsored by Soap manufacturer William Gossage gave way to the East and Central African Senior Challenge Cup in 1967.

Under this banner, the tournament ran for only five years till 1971 before giving way to the present day CECAFA Senior Challenge Cup which effectively kicked off in 1973. First event The first ever CECAFA Senior Challenge Cup was held in Uganda in 1973 and the hosts Uganda emerged winners beating Tanzania 2-1 in the finals.


List of CECAFA Cup winners
Year Host Final Third place play-off
Winner Score Runner-up Third place Score Fourth place
1973  Uganda  Uganda 2–1  Tanzania  Kenya •  Zambia[1]
1974  Tanzania  Tanzania 1–1*[A]  Uganda  Zambia •  Zanzibar[1]
1975  Zambia  Kenya 0–0*[B]  Malawi  Tanzania •  Uganda[1]
1976  Zanzibar  Uganda 2–0  Zambia  Kenya •  Malawi[1]
1977  Somalia  Uganda 0–0*[C]  Zambia  Malawi 2–1  Kenya
1978  Malawi  Malawi 3–2  Zambia  Kenya 2–0  Uganda
1979  Kenya  Malawi 3–2  Kenya  Tanzania 2–1  Zanzibar
1980  Sudan  Sudan 1–0  Tanzania  Malawi 1–0  Zambia
1981  Tanzania  Kenya 1–0  Tanzania  Zambia 1–0  Uganda
1982  Uganda  Kenya 1–1*[D]  Uganda  Zimbabwe 3–0  Zanzibar
1983  Kenya  Kenya 1–0  Zimbabwe  Uganda 1–0  Malawi
1984  Uganda  Zambia 0–0*[E]  Malawi  Uganda 3–1  Kenya
1985  Zimbabwe  Zimbabwe 2–0  Kenya  Malawi 3–1  Uganda
Not helddagger[2]
1987  Ethiopia  Ethiopia 1–1*[F]  Malawi  Uganda 3–1  Kenya
1988  Malawi  Malawi 3–1  Zambia  Kenya 0–0*[G]  Zimbabwe
1989  Kenya  Uganda 3–3*[H]  Malawi  Kenya 1–0  Zambia
1990  Zanzibar  Uganda 2–0  Sudan  Tanzania 2–1  Zanzibar
1991  Uganda  Zambia 2–0  Kenya  Uganda 3–1  Sudan
1992  Tanzania  Uganda 1–0  Tanzania B  Zambia 4–0  Malawi
Not helddagger[2]
1994  Kenya  Tanzania 2–2*[I]  Uganda  Kenya 1–0  Eritrea
1995  Uganda  Zanzibar 1–0  Uganda B  Kenya 2–2*[J]  Ethiopia
1996  Sudan  Uganda 1–0  Sudan B  Sudan 1–1*[K]  Kenya
Not helddagger[2]
1999  Rwanda  Rwanda B 3–1  Kenya  Rwanda 0–0*[L]  Burundi
2000  Uganda  Uganda 2–0  Uganda B  Ethiopia 1–1*[M]  Rwanda
2001  Rwanda  Ethiopia 2–1  Kenya  Rwanda 1–0  Rwanda B
2002  Tanzania  Kenya 3–2  Tanzania  Rwanda 2–1  Uganda
2003  Sudan  Uganda 2–0  Rwanda  Kenya 2–1  Sudan
2004  Ethiopia  Ethiopia 3–0  Burundi  Sudan 2–1  Kenya
2005  Rwanda  Ethiopia 1–0  Rwanda  Zanzibar 0–0*[N]  Uganda
2006  Ethiopia  Sudan 0–0*[O]  Zambia  Rwanda 0–0*[P]  Uganda
2007  Tanzania  Sudan 2–2*[Q]  Rwanda  Uganda 2–0  Burundi
2008  Uganda  Uganda 1–0  Kenya  Tanzania 3–2  Burundi
2009  Kenya  Uganda 2–0  Rwanda  Zanzibar 1–0  Tanzania
2010  Tanzania  Tanzania 1–0  Côte d’Ivoire B  Uganda 4–3  Ethiopia
2011  Tanzania  Uganda 2–2*[R]  Rwanda  Sudan 1–0  Tanzania
2012  Uganda  Uganda 2–1  Kenya  Zanzibar 1–1*[S]  Tanzania
2013  Kenya  Kenya 2–0  Sudan  Zambia 1–1*[T]  Tanzania

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