CECAFA draws new development programs

Khartoum, January 4, 2016—The Council of East and Central Africa Football Associations [CECAFA] has announced major development programs to foster the region’s football performance.

In its first executive committee meeting since the recent election of the new board which has been hosted in Khartoum by CECAFA president, Dr. Mutasim Gafaar on Monday, the executive committee approved a new strategic plan which holds a number of key development programs.

Two U-17 events for both men and women will be organized in 2016, as shown in the new strategy approved by the regional Africa football governing body.

Other development programs to be implemented in 2016 include the organization of coaching, refereeing, beach soccer and administration courses in a bid to build up CECAF region’s power.

CECAFA which has the oldest football competition in Africa now intends to increase its football power and attract the attention of major sponsors for its tournaments and other development activities.

“The executive committee understood the need for stronger sponsors and for that reason we decided to look for sponsors for our events” CECAFA vice president, Abdiqani Said Arab, said after the executive committee meeting on Monday.

He said that the regional Africa football governing body will also strengthen its cooperative relations with the outside world.

If the approved strategic plans are successfully implemented—truly this will mark the realization of CECAFA’s long-existed dreams and it will also be a brilliant start for the newly elected president of CECAFA Dr. Mutasim Gafaar of Sudan.

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